About Us

Founded in 1990, we have been dedicated in the development and manufacturing of copper vapour lasers (CVL), gold vapour lasers and a low-temperature variant of the CVL, the copper bromide vapour lasers (CBL).
The laser is an efficient sources of high-power pulsed green/yellow radiation. Recently, the focus of research and development at Pulslight has been on CB lasers which have become our main products.

The manufacture of excellent copper bromide vapour lasers at Pulslight is boosted by the application of patents resulting from the Hi-Tech scientific achievements of the Metal Vapour Laser Group, leaded by Professor Nikola V. Sabotinov, Institute of Solid State Physics, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences.

Our good market results, high expertise and well-developed technology at Pulslight allows to be a strong partner in two R&D projects:

– EC funded COPERNICUS Project CIPA CT 94-0214 (February 1995 – January 1998): New generation lasers for high precision materials processing
– NATO funded SCIENCE FOR PEACE Project SfP 972685 (October 1998 – October 2001): Development of a system based on a high power and high efficiency copper bromide laser for precision materials processing.

Pulslight laser systems are extremely effective sources of high-power visible light beams due to:

– Successful application of current knowledge of the physics of the processes leading to effective lasing in the green and yellow regions of the spectrum.
– Improved laser technology that ensures long laser tube lifetimes, reliable and steady operation.
– Optimized design as a result of long-term background in production and application of copper vapour lasers.
– Easy system maintenance.
– Functional reliability proven in practice.

We offer visible green (510.6 nm) and yellow (578.2 nm) laser beams from 1 to 100 Watts!

R&D team

– Ivan Kostadinov, MSc, laser physics, team leader
– Atanas Atanasov, Dipl. Eng., material processing & software development
– Vladimir Krustev, Dipl. Eng., electronic control & power supply
– Vladimir Lilkov, MSc, mechanical equipment & fiber delivery system